Conquering Our Fears

I wanted to share a little revelation I got the other day concerning one of my struggles. As I was preparing myself to go door to door to raise some money for the project I talked about in my last blog I was struggling with the unknown of whether people would step up to the call and pitch-in or if they would reject me.

reject: –verb (used with object)

1. to refuse to have, take, recognize, etc.: to reject the offer of a better job.
2. to refuse to grant (a request, demand, etc.).
3. to refuse to accept (someone or something); rebuff: The other children rejected him. The publisher rejected the author’s latest novel.
4. to discard as useless or unsatisfactory: The mind rejects painful memories.
5. to cast out or eject; vomit.
6. to cast out or off.                                         (Courtesy of

Rejection, I don’t like being rejected, actually I would bet that there isn’t anyone who likes being rejected. I was concerned about it, doing something outside my comfort zone and having it turn out a terrible experience was not very appealing to me. I prayed about it, asking God to help deal with that fear in me. What helped me the most was getting my thoughts out one evening with a dear friend and coming to the point of just deciding to set my fears aside and deal with each person one at a time, endeavouring to be an embassador of Christ.
As I settled in on that decision I was wondering why it seems like so many people struggle with being rejected? Then I thought about how at least I (I’ll use me for the example) react to being rejected…
I didn’t deserve that!… They had no right to talk to me that way!…Who do they think they are?! That’s normally my reaction.
(And this is where the revelation happened)I realized that my fear of rejection was rooted in my pride. This was so freeing to me because I have no desire to be prideful. But that’s not it, realizing it was pride that caused that fear in me let me know what the proper tool to conquer my fear was… namely humility, the opposite attitude of pride.
I had so much fun walking around the neighborhood, those few evenings that I did, I felt free as the wind, no more awkward feelings, no fear, I felt… love, love for people and life and I think I turned another chapter in the book that’s my life.
Some food for thought

If we are walking in true humility how would we in turn react to those who “reject” us? Would we become indignant? Angry? Would we really think about how we didn’t deserve that kind of treatment?…
I don’t think that true humility would recognize any of those reactions as a possible response. I have a couple in mind but let’s hear from you 🙂 What do you think would be a proper response?

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