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An Encouraging Afternoon

We out here at the Gatehouses wanted to reach out to the neighborhood and not just that but to find something to draw us all together more. One idea that came up was starting a sort of work day on the weekends to help people with repair work in their homes. So we set out to do just that, we picked out a need at house not far from our own where the sweetest lady lived with her 30-year-old son who is also sweet and definitely interested in the welfare of his mother, from what I’ve witnessed they have a closer relationship than most mother/sons in this day. The need was an exterior door that was in dire need of replacement, our neighbor needed a new door.

We decided to try to raise $200.00 from around the neighborhood to pay for the door and hardware needed. I was the blessed individual to have the job of collecting that money, and do I mean blessed! I never thought that it would be so fun to go knock on people’s doors and tell them what we were trying to do for our neighbor and that we thought it would really bless her and her son if we were able to tell them that the community purchased her door for her!

The RESPONSE was more than I or anyone could ask for! we had made a flyer to pass out and the first couple of hours I spent walking around we raised over  a hundred dollars! the best part to me has been meeting everyone, sometimes it was just a quick introduction and other times it was 10 minutes of conversation.

We even have had people stop by our house to give money, one man in particular brought his young (7-9 years old) daughter because she wanted to help out too, while she was pouring the change that she had been saving in our hands she said “God bless you”.

I’m here to tell you that even though we are still in the middle of this specific project what that girl said has definitely already ¬†happened. It truly has been a blessing and no doubt from God. It’s funny to me that every time we act in obedience to God in taking care of people we think that “we are going to bless people” or that “He is going to bless people through us” which I’m sure that He does in a way but in turn we become blessed and in the end you have to ask yourself…

Who was helped through this the most?

That’s the way God works through his people. It’s reciprocating, His blessings, love, life, hardships, trials, everything He does has such a unique stamp on it and it leaves us only one option… To praise Him.

To God be the Glory!